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Why is Vega Travel, no Fansipan longer?
Fansipan is name of a highest mountain top of all Indochinese Area, Fansipan therefore is a public name, no one can make it their exclusive own property. The other hand, Fansipan Tours is a reputable company more and more obtaining recommendation from tourist, Guide books because its genuine perfect trips with resonsonable prices. Abusing this easy chance, several travel agents have been copying our name, using similar name as Fansipan Adventure, Fansipan..etc..in order to cause tourist to be misled and then rip them off. Particularly lots of recommended travelers got their wrong bookings, and as a result in their minded bad thoughts of Fansipan Tours. So the best way told to us is to change the name as soon as possible, that’s why

........... Vega International Travel Company..........

Nowadays, Vega Travel realy become a truly tour operator, a reliable destination address to ensure your lasting unforgetable experiences in Vietnam. How to ensure your smile?
Simply because we are a truly tour operator, not a travel agent.

Staff of tour managers:
Well trained for sustainable eco-tourism industry and years of traveling, tour guiding experiences and abilities to read tourists’ thought to fulfill their expectation at root and roof regarding the young or the old tourist or eventhough hard to please. Working for three - dimentional target, Vega Travel ’s tour operators trendingly organise your relaxing, incentive trips especially new short and round discovery tours, create your enjoyment at strange lands in pristine nature and basical traditional culture, sustain and light the local destinations up!

Staff of tour guides:
Set up for Western comers therefore Vega Travel’s tour guides speak fluently your languages as German, Italian, spanish, French and English of course. Knowledge and guiding skill trained in tourism university and from tourist by years of communicating, working as international tour guide .Accumulating professional experiences in contingency solutions happened. Morever, our enthusiasm and tourism loving will 100% ensure your lovely trips in our Vietnam or trans Asean countries.

Services and Gourmets
How to rate and express to you? It’s worth everything you pay for. Although you are complaisant or prissy Quikness and accuracy in working will fulfill your customized expectation.

Facilities for trips
From trekking, cooking, relaxing or adventure trips you will be on new, safe and comfortable vehicle (bikes, cycloes, car, bus or train, boat and airlines) Accomodation worth staying from hotel 1- 5 stars, resort, bungalow, homestay. For further: You will be the one who know when joining us !

Thank you and Enjoy your dream holiday in Vietnam!

Tour manager
Tran Nam Kien