Cao Dai - Cu Chi Tunnels 1 day


Cao Dai - Cu Chi Tunnels 1 day


In the morning:

* Pick up at your hotel, 100kms excursion to Tay Ninh,

* A worth seeing beauty spot where is a cradle of a Taoism religion, the unique existing in Vietnam and Tay Ninh province nowhere else.

*The Taoism is a fusion combination of Buddhism, Confusion, and Catholicism by a three-colour symsbol.

* Not only exploring the special architectures of the Great temple but also being a good chance for you to learn about their bible by their sanctuary noon mass.

* After lunch during the break, head back Cu Chi tunnels.

In the afternoon:

* On a roundabout way back to Cu Chi tunnels for another experience.

* Visiting and learning about Vietnam Guerillas or Viet Cong ( VC ) living and fighting under the fabulous system of underground tunnels ( 200kms long ) during the American war.

* In here you can look back the Guerillas’ anti-American struggle by gestures of actions, also try to be a guerillas by crawling through 50- 100 meters to 200kms to get a lasting unforgettable memory about the VC.

* On the way back to HCM, stopover at some rubber plantations to know how the rubber trees fertilized, by workers’ killed remains who worked here for the American rule in Vietnam.

* Arrive in HCM around 17h00, the trip ended by dropping you at your hotel



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