Sin Cheng market


Sin Cheng martket in Xi Ma Cai

(private tour only)
Depending on your time, we can organize a tour to Sin Cheng market,   

Locate in Sin Cheng Commune center. It’s far Si Ma Cai district about 10 km. Sin Cheng market open on every Wednesday/ It offers the opportunity to discovery a colourful gathering point of many local minorities as Hmong, Tay or Giay people…

One of the truly authentic markets in the northwest of Viet Nam, Sin Cheng market offers a special and unique experience. An early departure from Sa Pa or Lao Cai station to Bac Ha traveling through the Viet Nam-China border area, you will enjoy amazing mountain vistas and  a charming river. The activities of minority people are evident with corn plantations and terraced rice fields seen throughout the landscape. This panoramic route leads you to Xin Change, a colorful and special market for Flower H’Mong, Tay and Giay people who come to trade and exchange local products like tobacco, clothes, fruits, horses and buffaloes.  The market itself is also a place for the young to meet and find partners, for the old to get away from life’s struggles, and for men to enjoy the traditional corn wine.  Like a colorful festival of life, it is a happy time for all involved before heading back to their daily routine.  Returning to Bac Ha at noon, we pass by the H’Mong King Palace to learn about the history and culture of the area.  Transport to Sa Pa or Lao Cai station as per your request.


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